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March 2022

January 2021


2022 US Film Festival.

Michael was invited to be a judge in the 2022

Jackson Wild Film Festival. The world's

premier showcase for wildlife documentaries.


New Language Editions.

The Animal Encyclopedia has been published in French Canadian and the Wildlife Watcher in Mexican Spanish.


Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology - FRSB.


The Royal Society of Biology is a learned society and professional association created to advance the interests of biology in academia, industry, education, and research. It represents many of the societies

and organisations that form the landscape of biological science.

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October 2020.   Online presentations


While Covid prevents public gatherings, online presentations seem to be the only option for live events. Michael's first virtual talk was as part of the excellent  Orkney International Science Festival. The subject was the Galapagos Islands and featured a PowerPoint show. The technology worked perfectly and was straightforward to use, since then he has presented many more Zoom and Microsoft Teams  meetings. This appears to be the way forward for the foreseeable future.


February 2020

Animal Encyclopedia published in a

new language to add to the translated  books list.

Indonesian edition.

Corona Virus.

blue tit flight.jpg

While Covid stops us travelling far afield, it's easy to forget the amazing wildlife we have on our doorsteps. Blue tit in flight, photographed in our garden-  1/30,000 second.


January 2020.

Visiting Author in Saigon

A week in Vietnam to present zoology and ecology sessions at the Saigon South International School in Ho Chi Minh City. Really enjoyed the students' engagement and enthusiastic  welcome. With thanks to Lara and Dan Keller, Claire Elam  and Amy Coquillard.  A fascinating visit.


November on the West Coast of Ireland.

Speaking at The Mayo Science Festival. A truly beautiful place to visit but sadly not enough time to explore thoroughly.  The people, landscape and wildlife were wonderful. Thank you to Castlebar College and County Mayo.

October 2019

New book published by Arcturus.

The Amazing Book of Animals.

By Michael Leach and Meriel Lland.


Gorilla Photography

At long last there's been time to photograph gorillas again. These animals really are one of the most inspiring and rewarding subjects for any wildlife photographer.


September in Scotland


Speaking at Orkney International Science Festival. In Kirkwall the talk was Poles Apart - wildlife of the Arctic and Antarctic. Ferry to Hoy to  present a Science Event with Prof John Brown -Scotland's Astronomer Royal. John looked at Ursa Major - Great Bear Constellation, Michael spoke about working with Polar Bears. Ran sessions at Kirkwall Grammar and other Orcadian Schools.  Thanks to Prof Howie Firth.

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The excellent annual Science Festival, covering a range of disciplines from medicine to robotics. Michael's presentation was "How to Speak Gorilla".  Thanks to Jenny Taylor.


July 2019.  New six book series published in US.

Animal Explorers. Michael Leach & Meriel Lland. Pub Enslow (New York). Carnivores, Creatures of the Ocean, Insects and Mini Beasts, Omnivores and Herbivores, Reptiles and Amphibians and Birds.


June 2019

Presentation to the National Botanic Garden of Wales, on the ecology of tropical rainforests and the threats they face.

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Booked to speak about Gorilla behaviour  at 2019 New Scientist Live, one of the world's biggest Science Festivals.  10-13th October at ExCel London, it covers physics, neuroscience, artifical intelligence etc. Other speakers include Alice Roberts, Marcus du Sautoy, George McGavin and Liz Bonnin.


Animal Encyclopedia

published in Spanish, Czech, Danish, Italian  and Polish editions.

May 2019

Speaking at Cheshire's "Amazed by Science Festival"at Crewe and Alderley Edge Science Park - and the "Book Jam" Literary Festival in St Ives, Cambs.


February 2019

Elected a Fellow of the Linnean Society (FLS). This is turning

out to be quite a year.


March 2019. Festivals

Speaking at the Caithness International Science Festival, Bournville BookFest and Bishop's Stortford Literary Festival.


December 2018

Animal Encyclopedia published in Romanian and Swedish editions.


February 2019. Northern Ireland Science Festival.

Gorilla talks in Lisburn and  Strabane. Plus events in Belfast and Lurgan arranged by N.I Libraries. It's always a pleasure to visit Northern Ireland.


September 2018

Indian Ocean Trip.

Speaking at a Primary School on Mauritius and then exploring the wildlife of the island and the Indian Ocean. Even found an Echo Parrot, with a population of around 300, one of the world's rarest birds.

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Presentation to the Royal Photographic Society

Pensychnant Conservation Centre, North Wales.

Excellent and enthusiastic audience.

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May 2018. New

book published

Children's Encyclopedia

of Animals.

C0-authored with Meriel

Lland and published in UK edition by Arcturus.

Wildlife Watcher Guide published

in Portuguese edition.

July 2018

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August 2018

Elected a Fellow of the

Zoological Society (FZS).

Thank you all.

March 2018.  Return to the Caithness International Science Festival

Michael presented an evening of  "Exploration and Discovery" with Duane Carey, NASA astronaut and pilot of the Columbia Space Shuttle on its trip to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.


Duane reflected on his time orbiting the Earth 165 times and Michael spoke about exploring tropical rainforests, polar regions and other wild places. Thanks to Cheryl and Duane for good company and a great evening, hope we can do it again sometime.

January 2018 visit to Oman

Wildlife Watcher Guide published in Spanish and French editions.

December 2017

Elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS).

A lifetime ambition fulfilled. thank you RGS.

Spent 5 days at the American British Academy in Muscat, looking at Animal Adaptations, Polar Habitats  and Rainforest Ecology. A fascinating school and  enjoyable visit. Had a few days to explore Oman - well worth it. Thanks to Mara Hakim and David Veinot for hospitality, coffee and dates. The students were very impressive too.

New Year in the Negev Desert

Exploring Israel's Makhtesh Ramon, at 26 miles across this is one of the world's largest craters. We went in search of Nubian Ibex, it took a while but eventually we found them. Also wandered the Dead Sea and Masada.

wix ibex.jpg

April 2017

Nature Explorer Guide book published in Italian edition.

Polar Bear Conservation feature, co-written with Meriel Lland, published in French bear book. le Monde des Animaux.

Talk to members of the Welsh National Botanic Garden.

March 2017.  Speaking at the Caithness International Science Festival

An excellent mixed science event at the northernmost tip of Scotland, with presentations at Wick and Thurso. Also had time to look at Dunnet Head, the Grey Cairns of Camster and plenty of coastal wildlife. Thanks to Prof. Iain Baikie

Northern Ireland Author Visit.  Feb 2017

A quick speaking tour of Northern Ireland, with events at Bangor, Cregagh, Ballymoney and Antrim. Not enough time to explore this interesting place. Thanks to Valerie Christie of NI Libraries.

Pinnacles Desert.

Spring In Western Australia

September 2016. A visit to explore unfamiliar landscape and wildlife. Almost everything in this country is fascinating. It's an extraordinary place and home to amazing wildlife.

Splendid Fairywren.

New Book - August 2016

By Michael Leach & Meriel Lland - another in the Ultimate Guides series for children. It looks at the skills needed to track, observe and photograph wildlife.  The practical chapters cover field-craft, equipment, safety, identification, and photography - in habitats such as woodland, urban, mountains and water. The book comes in 2 forms - Flexibound (Pub QED) and Paperback (Pub Firefly Books).

Birdwatching Magazine - April 2016

A four-page co-authored article by Michael Leach and Meriel Lland, looking at current conservation efforts to save the Northern Bald Ibis. 

Photographs by Michael and Meriel.

December 2015 .
A talk to Oxford University Exploration Society

An interesting audience and venue. The OUES has been organising impressive expeditions since 1927. The evening went well, there were plenty of questions and lots of enthusism. A very rewarding place to give a talk. Thank you for the invitation.


Bavarian International School, Munich

October 2015.

Michael spent 2 days at this splendid school, as visiting wildlife author. During that time the children learned how to speak gorilla and investigate wildlife matters on their own. It was a very enjoyable trip. Thanks go to all the BIS pupils and the School's impressive librarian Rachel Jackson.  

Summer 2015.  South Africa

A quick trip to gather material for an upcoming book project produced the usual amazing African wildlife sightings and lots of new images.



June 2015 - Benenden School

Michael spent a day at this fascinating school as an advisor for their ecology project. Michael's sessions covered Rainforest diversity, using the life story of a brazil nut tree as an example of the Amazon's complex ecosystem.

Spring 2015. In Search of Waldrapps

To Tamri in Morocco tracking down the northern bald ibis. Also called the Waldrapp, this is one of the world's rarest birds, with just 600 left in the wild. The trip was to gather photos for an article on the conservation and  biology of this Red Data listed species. Fortunately the birds co-operated and the images worked very well.

March 2015

Michael's New Book

Arctic versus the Antarctic

A children's wildlife book - as the title suggests - on the differences between the Arctic and Antarctic.

Published by Badger Learning

December 2013.

In search of seals.

Donna Nook in North-east Lincolnshire is probably the best place in Europe to view newly born baby grey seals. Well worth a visit in late November or early December.

Morocco. February 2014

A quick visit to Morocco's Anti Atlas Mountains and coast produced welcome sunshine away from England's incessant wet winter and the chance to photograph migrant birds on their way back north, ready for breeding in Spring. 

This curlew is feeding on the shore line in the late evening.

Primates of the Caribbean. 

In BBC Wildlife, October 2013, Michael Leach and Meriel Lland have contributed a 6 page article from the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean. The feature looks at the vervet monkeys of St Kitts - and their alcoholic habit of stealing drinks from beach bars.

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