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Fieldwork, research and educational workshops devised, developed and undertaken in collaboration with Dr. Meriel Lland.


Meriel lectures in university, most recently as Programme Leader in Creative Writing, Department of Contemporary Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is a writer, wildlife photographer and artist entranced by the stories we tell of the natural world and the secrets those stories reveal about the tellers. She has travelled with reindeer in the Scandinavian Arctic, elephants in Africa and camels in Morocco. A turtle dove once shared her garden.


For more details of Meriel's work please see 


Rainforest Roadshow


An excellent resource for schools. Dave and Sue Shaw are experienced rainforest travellers and bring in genuine tribal artifacts from around the world. Children can see blow-pipes, Amazonian jewelry and musical intruments. They learn why rainforests are important, how animals and people have adapted to live in this fragile environment and the sessions are great fun. Highly recommended.




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