Michael frequently goes into schools in the UK and around the world as a visiting author/wildlife expert. This is often part of a Book Week, Green Week, Science Week or Environment Week. 


Using first hand experiences in a range of extreme environments, Michael shows how to gather the information needed to produce non-fiction writing. Along the way he explains a lot about fragile eco-systems and looks at many of the specialised animals  that rely on severely threatened habitats for their survival. This covers species such as polar bears, sharks, elephants and big cats.


Each of the workshops incorporates subjects such animal adaptation, endangered species, threatened habitats, writing non-fiction,  research skills  and personal investigation.  They are each based on Michael’s own time on expedition.


Typical subjects covered include Life in the Tropical Rainforest, Animals of the Arctic and Antarctic, Misleading Science and Adaptations to Extreme Environments. A new presentation is The Natural History of a Brazil Nut Tree.


Michael's workshop on Living with Gorillas is particularly popular.

Fieldwork, research and educational workshops devised, developed and undertaken in collaboration with Dr Meriel Lland.

For full details of school events please email Michael.

School Visits. 

Live Zoom presentations are available.