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Dr. Michael Leach is a full time wildlife author and photographer. He has travelled to all 7 continents and worked with many of the world's most charismatic animals - polar bears in the Arctic, gorillas in central Africa, lemurs in Madagascar, sperm whales in the mid-Atlantic, monkeys in the Amazon, penguins in the Antarctic and elephants in Kenya. He is the author of 43 books and has given more than 4000 illustrated talks.

The Job...


As a professional naturalist, Michael will sometimes admit that parts of his job are incomparably wonderful. After all he is paid to visit remote and exotic destinations to study some of the most fascinating wildlife on earth. But envious onlookers forget the giant bugs, cold, lack of sleep, foul smells, underhand skullduggery, horrible food, parasites, obscure

tropical diseases, catastrophic intestinal disruptions, exhaustion and frequent embarrassment that make up the everyday existence of anyone who works with wildlife in remote locations. But when pushed, even slightly, he has been known to add that he would never want to do anything else.


This is his perfect job.

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