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A valiant attempt to deter possible competitors.

“After three weeks in the rainforest my clothes could probably stand up by themselves, I smelt like a yak’s armpit. A drifting raft of unidentifiable miscellaneous debris formed a deeply unattractive blanket across the entire width of the river. A wash in this water would have been completely pointless; I would have come out even dirtier than before, having contracted at least two diseases previously unknown to science. I was bone-tired, hungry, had aches and pains in the few places that were still capable of feeling. I was covered in bites and was almost certain that something was living in my  beard - and people have the nerve to tell me how lucky I am to do this for a living.”



Exerpt from :


HIDDEN SHALLOWS by Michael Leach. Quandary Press.


Describes searching for orang-utans in the forests of central Borneo.


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